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The world’s first Dietitians Week (9-13 June 2014), was led by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and provided a fantastic opportunity to promote the profession nationally and even globally.  We created a week full of activities and events that highlighted the value of dietitians and their work.


The Week included a range of national awareness raising and political events throughout the UK which promoted the profession and the impact of dietetic practice on the health of the nation.


Dietitians Week was established as part of Trust a Dietitian, the latest BDA campaign, which highlights the work and worth of dietitians and the dietetic profession in the UK.


It demonstrated and promoted the great variety of roles within the profession and the significant impact dietitians have on public health


Trust a Dietitian has and continues to equip BDA members with tools and resources to help them promote their services and the impact of these services.


In addition, it is hoped that the information that comes from Trust a Dietitian, and indeed Dietitians Week, will help drive demand for dietetic services.  What sits at the heart to the campaign is the promotion of dietitians as the “absolute gold standard” when it comes to food and nutrition expertise.


The BDA was proud to launch the world’s first awareness week, Dietitians Week, dedicated solely to the dietetic profession.   This project has been a really exciting product of Trust a Dietitian.


Speaking about Dietitians Week, BDA Chairman, Siân O’Shea, said:


Sian O'Shea

BDA Chairman, Sian O’Shea

“It is really important for BDA members, and those with an interest, to engage in this amazing awareness week. We really wanted Dietitians Week to be truly owned by dietitians and we want to shout loud and proud about the excellent work the profession undertakes.  We want to push home the true value and worth our work brings in helping to create a healthy nation.”


“While the majority of BDA members work in the public sector, we must also remember those dietitians who do not, so I am especially encouraged by those dietitians who have got involved to help raise the profile of the profession in all the areas we work.


“In a world where so many lay claims to be the leaders in food and nutrition, let’s join together during Dietitians Week and ram home the message, well the truth actually, that it is dietitians who ultimately own that accolade.”


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