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Dietitians Week 2015

A Very Warm Welcome


Dietitians Week (8-12 June 2015), is led by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and provides a fantastic opportunity to promote the profession nationally and even globally.  We created a week full of activities and events to highlight the value of dietitians and their work.


The week includes a range of national awareness raising and political events throughout the UK which promotes the profession and the impact of dietetic practice on the health of the nation.


Dietitians Week was established as part of Trust a Dietitian, the latest BDA campaign, which highlights the work and worth of dietitians and the dietetic profession in the UK.  The world’s first Dietitians Week took place last year: 9-13 June 2014.


It demonstrates and promotes the great variety of roles within the profession and the significant impact dietitians have on public health


Trust a Dietitian has and continues to equip BDA members with tools and resources to help them promote their services and the impact of these services.


In addition, it is hoped that the information that comes from Trust a Dietitian, and indeed Dietitians Week, will help drive demand for dietetic services.  What sits at the heart to the campaign is the promotion of dietitians as the “absolute gold standard” when it comes to food and nutrition expertise.


The BDA is very proud to be involved in such an amazing awareness week as Dietitians Week, which is dedicated solely to the dietetic profession.   This project has been a really exciting product of Trust a Dietitian.


Speaking about Dietitians Week, BDA Chairman-elect, Dr. Fiona McCullough, said:


BDA Chairman-elect Dr Fiona McCullough

BDA Chairman-elect Dr Fiona McCullough

“Following on from the tremendous success of last year’s Dietitians Week, I am extremely thrilled and delighted that we are doing it all over again in 2015.  Once again, this will be an exciting and unique way in which to highlight the value and impact of the dietetic profession all around the UK.


“I sincerely hope, and am confident, that BDA members and our valued partners will once again step up to the plate for what is sure to be another fantastic Dietitians Week.


“You only have to look online, switch on the television or pick up a newspaper to see just how many people out there are claiming to be food and nutrition experts.  The nutrition ‘noise’ that surrounds us is so loud, with mixed food and nutrition messaging, ranging from the indifferent, to ridiculous, to the downright dangerous.  Dietitians Week is the perfect opportunity for us to shout loud and proud about our work, and the work of the wider profession, and lay claim to the accolade of being the absolute “Gold Standard” when it comes to food and nutrition professionals.


“I hope you enjoy Dietitians Week.”




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